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dear members,

i apologize for this community coming very slowly. i would like for all of you to post information about deaf-related events in texas and help this community grow. in the next couple of weeks, i will be giving this community a new look so any feedback is appricated.

i do not have any rules for this community as of now. if problems arise in the next couple of months within the community, i will have to set some rules but nothing out of the ordinary.

let me tell you a little bit about myself. i am 23, a college student at Howard College in Big Spring, Texas. no, i am not a SWCID student but, i work there part time as a tutor. i have taken classes at SWCID and i interact with the people over there. i grew up in the dallas area and graduated from TSD in 1999. life's been good to me and am going to continue to live it to the fullest.

if you would like to be a co-mod, feel free to email me at dynamik20@yahoo.com. i will be posting my email in public, for everybody to see in this community but if spamming starts, then i will have to start screening comments in the future. also, if you have any questions, feel free to email me as well.


krista -- kaleidotears
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